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Water is a limited natural resource that requires an intelligent and supportive management that is respectful with the environment while improves our quality of life.
Our company emerges in response to the growing demand for high quality low cost water.

Domestic distillation (distillers) is in itself the basic process of the water cycle in nature: Water is evaporated by sun heat forming clouds and subsequently cooled and condensed in the form of rain, snow or hail.
Analogously, water is heated in the distiller to boiling point thus sterilizing and evaporating, then passes to the cooler and finally condenses in to 100 per cent chemically pure water in your home.
Basically, distillation equipments are comprised of two containers connected by means of a cooling coil. The first container harbors the water to treat and the second collects the purified water.

Our countertop water distillers have very compact dimensions; do not require installation and they are maintenance-free. More about Water Distillers, click here!
Water distillers are adapted to the space needs of any kitchen as any other small electrical appliance. Their power consumption is of about 0.55kWh/l that represents some 0.05 € by produced liter, which translates in money savings.

Our countertop domestic water distillers have an automatic and safe operation, they are easily transported and they are an alternative to bottled water in your home. They produce pure low price water; ideal for drinking, cooking, tea, infusions, coffee, baby bottles, humidifiers, low sodium diets, esthetic treatments, delicate plants, steam irons, personal care, etc. 100 per cent contaminants free.

Our distillers are an economic and practical way to obtain fresh water of highest quality from regular home tap water.
All our products have been designed and manufactured under strict quality control and European certification, to ensure your complete satisfaction.
We would like you to obtain the maximum performance from your new home water treatment device. We are at your disposal, throughout our distributor dealer network, to insure its proper operation and maintenance.

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