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What is distillation and what are its advantages?

Distillation is in itself the basic process of the water cycle in nature: Water is evaporated by sun heat forming clouds and subsequently cooled and condensed in the form of rain, snow or hail.

Analogously, water is heated in the distiller to boiling point thus sterilizing and evaporating, then passes to the cooling coil and finally condenses in to chemically pure water.

Basically, distillation equipments are comprised of two containers connected by means of a cooling coil. The first container harbors the water to treat and the second collects the purified water.

Our distillers have very compact dimensions; do not require installation and they are maintenance-free. They are adapted to the space needs of any kitchen as any other small electrical appliance.

Our distillers have an automatic and safe operation, they sterilize water by boiling, they are an alternative to bottled water, they produce pure water; ideal for drinking, cooking, tea, infusions, coffee, baby bottles, humidifiers, low sodium diets, esthetic treatments, etc.

Distillation is an economic and practical way to obtain water of highest quality, imitating nature's water cycle, from regular tap water.

What about maintenance?

Our distillers just need to be cleaned periodically with vinegar or citric acid. This is a very simple and easy user-performed procedure.

Are distillers safe?

They are very safe. You just need to add water and press the start button. The operation is automatic and safe. They are equipped with a thermostat and a turnoff mechanism that acts once distillation is finished.


Is electrical consumption high?

Depending on the chosen model the power varies. The consumption is approximately three times lower than that of an iron or a vacuum cleaner, approximately 0.75kWh/liter or some 0.05 € by litre of distilled water. The system is automatically disconnected when water in the main container has been distilled.

How do distillers eliminate volatile organic elements?

The activated coal filter of the collector container filters them. This process allows the elimination of organic vapors such as pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and benzene compounds. All of them known to potentially increase the risk of cancer.

What guarantees the quality of this product?

It is manufactured under the strict USA S-400 regulation and it adheres to the Water Quality Association, which certifies the total quality of the products and businesses by means of audits.

2 years warranty.

Is a distiller affordable? When will the investment pay off?

For an average family, the distiller will pay for itself in about a year if it is used to produce drinking water only. If used for cooking and other additional applications, the investment will pay off even faster.
You will benefit from the comfort of not having to carry bottled water to your home any more. Additionally, since it requires no installation, you can easily transport the distiller to your apartment or chalet during vacation or holidays.


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What is reverse osmosis?

It is the physical process in which water passes through an assembly of filters and a semi-permeable membrane to filter out contaminants such as: small particles, heavy metals, excess of salts, microorganisms, toxic substances, etc., the final result of this process is pure water.
Reverse osmosis (RO) produces water of highest quality, an ideal substitute to bottled water.

What can you use RO water for?

- It improves your and your loved one's health.
- It is ideal for drinking and cooking.
- Better taste of tea and coffee.
- It is ideal for delicate plants and aquariums.
- It improves shaving, hair rinsing, skin softness and esthetic treatments.
- Very appropriate for irons and steam cleaners and many.
- Many uses that you will discover by yourself.
- You will not have to lug bottles of water any more.


¿Is there any contraindication for RO water?

No. It is natural water minus harmful contaminants. It is very close to its chemically pure state.

RO systems are manufactured under the Water Quality Association standards and meet strict USA S-400 regulation.

Where and how do I install an RO system?

An RO system is usually installed under the kitchen sink; RO water is supplied through a small water dispenser faucet included with the kit.
Installation is fast and easy, you can do it yourself for extra savings. Our systems come with detailed instructions and diagrams.

Acquamatter can provide you with professional installation, please contact us for free installation within our service area.

Does the Reverse Osmosis system require maintenance? How is it done?

Yes. The filters will last for about a year there fore it is recommended to change them annually.

The Reverse Osmosis Membrane has a service life of four to five years. Both the membrane and filters are very easily replaced and can be changed in a few minutes.

You can order them by contacting our customer service/To order them please contact our customer service.

Water quality is guaranteed by keeping this maintenance schedule.


Is an RO system affordable? When will the investment pay off?

Yes. For an average family, the system will pay for itself in less than a year if used to produce drinking water only. If used for cooking and other additional applications, the investment will pay off even faster.

You will benefit from the comfort of not having to carry bottled water to your home any more. 2 year warranty.

Due to a lack of available space it is not possible for me to install an RO system. Do I have an alternative?

In this case an alternative might be a distiller system. Please check our products section.

I have very low water pressure at home. Will the system work?

The minimum working pressure is 2.5 Kg/cm2. When this minimum pressure is not available a similar model with an electrical pump can be installed for a very small extra charge.